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What’s the next step?

When the source of your discomfort has been identified and treated, what’s next? How do you get back to your normal level of physical ability? Health X’s Active Rehabilitation program is for our clients who are ready to take the next step in their athletic recovery.

Consisting of one-on-one, hour-long sessions with one of our experienced staff members, Active Rehabilitation builds the foundation for progressing back to your physical peak. The program’s sessions take place 3 – 5 times per week for 1 – 2 months, depending on the needs and severity of each case.

Our Active Rehabilitation Program is perfect for those who have reached a stall in their regular physiotherapy routine and are looking to challenge themselves and progress their recovery by taking an active approach with a trained and experienced professionals.


Benefits from the Physical Rehab Program include:

Get back on your game faster:

By taking a proactive attitude towards your physiotherapy, your progress and recovery time will speed up significantly. This will help you get back to the gym, field or whatever other places you practice sport more quickly.

Prevent Further Injury:

With our trained physiotherapy professionals’ help, we can help you continue to maintain your recovery and progress. One of the most common reasons that people seek physiotherapy services is due to trauma to a previous injury. Our program prepares you to take care of your injury for the long term.

Knowledge that will help you train better: 

Our rehabilitation program is focused on providing our clients with valuable knowledge that will benefit their athletic pursuits for years to come. Our staff will teach you a wide range of anatomical and physical fitness that you can use as a resource in your everyday life.

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