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Why do Active Rehabilitation at Healthx Physiotherapy?

Active Rehabilitation is an important component of Healthx rehabilitation services. Our Active Rehabilitation patients have access free of charge during your sessions to a fabulous 45,000 square foot gym facility (Fitness Unlimited Gym) with a whole separate wing for Ladies Only. The gym is one of the best equipped in the Fraser Valley with a vast variety of equipment that can be used for physical rehabilitation including an indoor walking/running track. This amazing gym environment at our clinic location is what sets Healthx apart from others offering Active Rehabilitation services.

Our Active Physical Therapy Program pairs you with a Kinesiologist who has specialized experience in physical reconditioning and recovery. We want to help you get back to your favourite activities safely and in peak physical form.

Who would benefit from Active Rehabilitation?

ICBC Patients

  • If you have experienced a car accident in the last 120 days and have an active claim number, ICBC covers the fees free of charge for 12 Active Rehabilitation sessions as part of your MVA accident benefits in addition to physiotherapy treatment.
  • Physiotherapy and Active Rehabilitation appointments can be scheduled on the same day for a patient’s time efficiency.
  • Active Rehabilitation can also be referred by your physician or your physiotherapist for ICBC clients who have lingering physical issues with respect to their original MVA injuries. If you have a referral, we will work with your ICBC claims adjuster to request coverage for your Active Rehabilitation sessions beyond the 12 visits and 120-day guideline.

Active Physio Program Information & Active Rehabilitation FAQs

The goal Active Rehabilitation is to help patients after a motor vehicle accident injury through a prescribed program to regain:

  • Strength.
  • Flexibility.
  • Function.
  • General conditioning.

How Long Are The Appointments?

Active Rehabilitation consists of 30 minutes of one-on-one active exercise supervised by the Kinesiologist or Physiotherapist along with cardiovascular exercise and stretching.

How often do I attend?

Appointments are usually 1-2 times per week over 6 -12 weeks depending on individual needs.

How will Active Rehabilitation help me?

If you attend sessions regularly, your physical condition will improve, resulting in faster and more durable recovery from your injury. Active Rehabilitation helps patients return to normal function safely and efficiently.

What else happens?

Objective Outcome Measures are performed on each evaluation for accurate documentation of progress and recovery.

The exercise program is prescribed by the physiotherapist who performs the initial assessment and subsequent discharge assessment.

Patients are given professional support through education and coping strategies for pain management to minimize reliance on passive therapy and medication.

Clients are discharged with the recommendation of a sponsored gym pass or home-based exercise routine allowing them to take control of their recovery.

Our main goal in the Active Rehabilitation Program is to provide clients with the increased resolution of symptoms and independence in their recovery through a repeatable structured exercise routine.

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“When I started my private rehabilitation sessions with Jennilee, I was completely overwhelmed with lingering physical limitations.  Her positive attitude, genuine approach and specific attention motivated me to push through my pain, and take back my life.   The level of professionalism, knowledge, attention, and care surpassed all of my expectations.  I can’t thank Jennilee enough for leading me down a path of recovery and supporting me every step of the way.”

Desirée Patterson, Surrey BC

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