Physiotherapy After a Car Accident

New ICBC part 7 benefits cover 25 physiotherapies and 12 active rehabilitation sessions free of charge for people injured in a car accident after April 1, 2019.

Rehabilitation for car accident recovery, whiplash associated disorders (WAD), or more plainly soft tissue injuries as a result of a car crash can be extremely painful and life-disrupting. At Healthx Physiotherapy we have extensive experience at relieving the pain and promoting fast recovery. While your treatment will be focused on reducing your pain and begin with some light stretches, it is important you remain as active as possible in the acute phase.

Research has shown that soft tissue heals faster and stronger through movement rather than rest and isolation. So even though it hurts to try to get out for walks during the day and perform regular stretching. This will reduce your recovery time and prevent complications down the road.

Through a combination of approaches specific to your situation, we will reduce the muscle spasm and inflammation and help you on the road to recovery. As the symptoms improve you will progress to strengthening exercises and increase your level of activity.

We offer a structured exercise gym program through our Active Rehabilitation Program which promotes independence in recovery. For those patients unable to work due to their injuries we provide the Occupational Rehabilitation Program which is tailored to the specific injured areas and work demands of the job.

Whatever your situation you can be assured that our physiotherapists will make you feel better and improve your quality of life.


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“Thanks to Matt at Healthx I have been able to get back to the track the fastest. IMS treatments have helped heal me incredibly. After all the doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors, Matt is by far the most helpful.”

Miranda Gregory, Langley Mustangs Track & Field

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