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For private patients Healthx can direct bill most major insurance providers, saving you time and money.


Most health insurance plans will cover partial or complete costs of your physiotherapy treatment. Please remember to bring along your insurance plan information so that we can facilitate direct billing with your insurance company, saving you time and money.

Confirmation of your insurance coverage, MSP subsidy, and/or payment by cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Debit/Interac is required at the time of your appointment.

Private Initial Assessment & Treatment$90.00
Private Subsequent Treatment$85.00
Prolonged Visits$170.00
Seniors Initial Assessment$80.00
Private Seniors Subsequent Treatment$75.00
Active Rehabilitation$85.00
Vertigo/Vestibular Initial Assessment $120.00
Vertigo/Vestibular Subsequent$100.00
Late Cancellation/No Show$85.00
MSP Surcharge$62.00


For valid and current claims within 12 weeks of date of injury your physiotherapy and active rehabilitation fees are covered as part of your benefits.

  • ICBC free of charge 25 physiotherapy sessions
  • ICBC free of charge 12 active rehabilitation sessions
  • WCB free of charge 6 weeks physiotherapy

If you have any questions, or an older date of injury, please call our office for advice on physiotherapy coverage for your claim.


Clinic surcharge: $62.00 per appointment
  • MSP Premium Assistance covers 10 treatments per calendar year.
  • Veterans receive 20 treatments per calendar year


Intake Assessment & Report by Physiotherapist:$300.00
Active Rehabilitation with Kinesiologist:$80.00 per session
Occupational Rehabilitation with Physiotherapist:$100.00 per session
Discharge Assessment & Report by Physiotherapist:$300.00

Virtual Physiotherapy Rates

We now offer Telehealth, a virtual physiotherapy service that provides you all the benefits of in-person treatment from the comfort of your own home. The rates for Telehealth services are the same as in-person sessions. The majority of insurance providers cover Telehealth services. However, we recommend checking in with them to ensure you are covered. If you would like to learn more about Virtual Physiotherapy, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a doctor’s referral is not needed for physiotherapy, however, if you have a doctor’s referral or any other medical diagnostics relating to your issue please bring it to your appointment.

Private Patient with extended benefits Maybe, some extended benefits providers require a doctor’s referral. Please consult with your plan administrator.
Private Paying Patient: No, a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy is not needed for Private patients.
WCB Patient: Yes, we recommend all patients covered under a WCB claim provide us with a copy of your doctor’s referral for faster approval of physiotherapy treatment.
ICBC Patient: No, if your date of accident was within the last 12 weeks.

Yes, if your date of accident was prior to 12 weeks ago.

First appointment times are usually around 45 to 50 minutes. Subsequent visits are usually around 40 minutes.

Please allow enough time for all appointments to sign in at the front desk of Fitness Unlimited Gym upon arrival.

Please wear gym attire or loose-fitting clothing. We can provide gowns and shorts if required.

All our specialized physiotherapy services such as IMS, Shockwave, Acupuncture, and K-Taping are included in your treatment fee.

No. There are 13 stairs to our office, and our patients regardless of age or condition (such as knee and hip replacements) usually negotiate them without issue. We cheerfully help on the stairs for those who need it.

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Extended Health Benefits Claim Assistance

Healthx offers patients additional value and lower out-of-pocket expenses by submitting extended health benefit claims for physiotherapy treatment on your behalf with most health insurance companies. Patients pay only the portion not covered by their group insurance, saving you time and money.

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