Physiotherapy Services in Langley

Serving the local community for over 25 years, our clinic leads the way in advanced physiotherapy treatment techniques.

At HealthX, physiotherapy and sports medicine is our staff’s passion. We strive to offer you the latest methods for treating your injuries and preventing future ones. There is nothing more important than keeping your body strong and healthy, which is why HealthX offers numerous physiotherapy services to ensure your body is functioning the way it should be. With two offices and a strong team of professionals, we offer the following services below.

Physiotherapy Assessments

Our trained therapists begin with a detailed assessment of your current physical condition. They then formulate a plan for physiotherapy treatment in consultation with you. The goal is to get you back to the most important activities you are having difficulty doing as a result of your physical issue. Physiotherapy assessment and patient-led goal setting are an important component to move patients forward in their recovery goals and are established during the initial visit. Physiotherapy treatment protocols are then determined based on the assessment and the individual patient goals.

“After suffering extreme pain due to a back sprain for 10 days, Matt was able to pinpoint the problem area immediately. From the first visit with, ultrasound, electrical impulses, deep massage and stretching, I was feeling relief immediately. Never before have I actually looked forward to going to physio! Matt, thank you for your magic hands.”

Monique Gustafson, Langley BC

Physiotherapy Langley

Langley’s leading physiotherapy clinic for advanced physical therapy services and treatments.