After suffering extreme pain due to a back sprain for 10 days, Matt was able to pinpoint the problem area immediately. From the first visit with, ultrasound, electrical impulses, deep massage and stretching, I was feeling relief immediately. Never before have I actually looked forward to going to physio! Matt, thank you for your magic hands.

Monique Gustafson, Langley BC


Serving the local community for over 20 years, our clinic leads the way in advanced physiotherapy treatment techniques.

At HealthX, physiotherapy services and sports medicine is our staff’s passion. We strive to offer you the latest methods for treating your injuries and preventing future ones. There is nothing more important than keeping your body strong and healthy, which is why HealthX offers numerous physiotherapy services to ensure your body is functioning the way it should be. With two offices and a strong team of professionals, we offer the following physiotherapy services:
  • Our physiotherapists can use their trained hands to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders. This is also known as manual manipulative therapy. This physio service is especially effective for disorders affecting joints, associated muscles and connective tissue and nerves.

  • Active rehab involves continuous treatment to increase strength, flexibility and general conditioning after injuries. This physiotherapy service is best for treating individuals who no longer require acute care treatment but continue to require rehabilitation.

  • This physio service is often used in competitive and professional sports for treatment prevention and pre-training preparation. Kinesio taping allows physiotherapists to offer a wider range of physiotherapy treatment possibilities.

  • Using therapeutic equipment to help reduce inflammation, pain and muscle spasms which also help tissue healing by increasing blood flow.

  • We will diagnose your injuries using detailed history and a myriad of suitable physical tests such as flexibility and range of motion. Utilizing the data we collect, we will provide an accurate diagnosis so that our physiotherapy specialists can put together an effective rehabilitation regiment.

  • Knowing is half the battle, which is why HealthX professional physiotherapists also promotes advice and education services for disease and injury prevention. Our staff will educate you so that so that you know what is best for your body to speed up recovery.

  • This physiotherapy service stems from Chinese medicine to promote natural healing and a therapeutic effect by inserting very thin needles to precise acupuncture points.

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