Nicole has been working in Whistler since 1999. Since then, she has worked with every type of person, from the professional skiers, snowboarders and bikers to weekend warriors to people who just want to walk the valley trail.

As an avid skier and mountain biker herself, Nicole understands how challenging it can be to be injured and how important it is to get her clients back to what is important to them as quickly as possible. Trained in manual therapy, Nicole takes an analytical approach to her work, looking at alignment and biomechanics to find solutions to her clients’ issues so they not only recover from their injuries, but are able to come away from them armed with better strength and alignment to prevent future injury. She incorporates sport-specific exercise into her rehab programs to ensure the proper muscles are ready for the next step, whether it is return to skiing or snowboarding, or return to walking or climbing stairs. This type of specific retraining is also key to building her clients’ confidence in their ability to return to activity.

Besides her physiotherapy treatment skills, Nicole also has a wealth of experience in brace fitting, custom orthotic prescription, and making custom thermoplastic splints.