Sweety received her Master of Physiotherapy degree in 2012 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India and ever since then she has provided physiotherapy services in various hospitals as well as multidisciplinary clinics. Her post graduation as well as vast exposure over the years has made her an extraordinary physiotherapist which she is very proud of and thankful for. She recently completed her Basic and Advanced level of certification in Vestibular rehabilitation to be able to help those who suffer from vertigo and balance issues, and an Introductory certification course in Pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Sweety has worked with individuals of all ages and treated patients with joint pain, ligament sprains, shoulder injuries, tendinopathies, and provided post-operative care in hospitals and to homebound patients. As well as this, she is well versed in Neurological rehabilitation, Cardio-respiratory rehabilitation and Cancer rehabilitation/Palliative care.

She is passionate about her work and utilizes a multi-modal approach to patient care incorporating many different techniques to achieve goals. Sweety believes that a successful treatment approach involves not only skills, creativity, progressive patient-centered care but also therapeutic exercises within the comfort zone of a patient.