Thanks to Matt at Healthx I have been able to get back to the track the fastest. IMS treatments have helped heal me incredibly. After all the doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors, Matt is by far the most helpful.

Miranda Gregory, Langley Mustangs Track & Field



Rehabilitation for car accident recovery, whiplash associated disorders (W

Healthx offers workplace physiotherapy services, providing physical therapy to people with work related injuries. Contact Healthx to set up an appointment.

Workplace injuries are very common, and can involve any part of the body. Some common injuries include low back strain/sprain, contusions, repetitive strain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fractures, and muscle strains. Our highly trained physiotherapists can help you recover from these injuries and to return to normal function in a safe and timely manner. We can achieve this through our many treatments.

workplace physiotherapy

If you are involved in a workplace accident, it is important to report the incident to your workplace supervisor, and consult a physician. Your first physiotherapy appointment is then covered by WorkSafeBC and is helpful in speeding up the approval of a pending claim. It is important to be seen by our physiotherapists as soon as possible after a work injury to begin promoting your recovery.

Upon approval of your claim, WorkSafeBC will cover continued physiotherapy treatments for a minimum of 8 weeks.

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